Primary School No. 24 in Cracow

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EVS project

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Hi there!

I'm Corina and I'm from Romania. Last year I worked as an English assistant in a primary school in Porto. My love for working with children brought me this year in Poland, in order to improve my skills and enjoy time with kids. I used to be a professional traditional dancer, so I tried to show to the children a part of Romanian culture and traditions through dances, presentations and interractive activities connected to Romanian culture. I am still impressed by the way children do not see language as a barrier in communicating with us. It's amazing how smiles, hugs and games make everything so easy.

I'm Alexander and I'm from Spain. Last summer I worked as a volunteer in another EVS project in Mińsk Mazowiecki together with other fourteen volunteers. Now i continue my adventure in Poland in Krakow working in a multicultural project, sharing my Spanish knowledge and sport skills through my Spanish lessons and sports innovation. I chose Poland because I wanted to know another different culture and tradition and live my first experience away from my country.

I am Catherine and I am from Belgium. Education, art and culture has always been a part in my life. That is why I choose a project in Poland to experience how it is to be born in this country. How kids learn, how their culture is and what place art has in their daily life. In the school I help the art teacher with organizing her lesson, I share my language in a French lesson and I help other teachers whenever I can. I hope that I can inspire kids with my creativity, because they inspire me.

Hi! These are volunteers speaking! As you might know ERASMUS + is not only for teachers, but also for students, assistants, volunteers. So, our EVS project is also part of the big family of Erasmus +. The project we are developing in the school this year is called "Cooperate to create"...and this is what we are doing..Spain, Romania and Belgium are cooperating to create a cultural atmosphere, to integrate their own culture, language, traditions into the Polish background. We are teaching our languages and learning Polish, we talk about our food, traditons, art and we learn about the Polish ones, we give and we receive, we cooperate to create new visions, new horizons and new ways of being part of the same big European family.