Primary School No. 24 in Cracow

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EVS project Youth! Together! Now!”

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- opis projektu,

It`s high time to meet our new volunteers! :) So you want to take a look into who I am? Well, don't even bother, you won't be able to make any sense out of it: I'm plain crazy. But let me assure you: crazy people are the most interesting, most often we have no time to be bored. I usually move my hands like a windmill when talking. I move around a lot too, I'm unstoppable, and I tend to speak very fast and loudly. I'm Spanish: loud is my very patriotic middle name. I am also an extreme introvert. That means social interaction is very taxing in terms of energy for me: I tire out rather fast. Being an introvert doesn't mean I'm shy, I like talking to people and enjoy their company, but I need a lot of me-time afterwards so I can recharge my batteries and be able to work normally the next day again. So if, by the end of the day, you see me growing quieter and quieter, don't take it personally, you're not boring me, I'm not angry or sad or upset in any other way: I'm just tired and looking forward to having some quiet alone time. There are also many other things about me I don't have the space to refer to here… like how I don't understand the concept of beauty applied to people or why I think trying to label people sometimes does more bad than good. But for that you will have to ask me in person. I'm looking forward to it!

Patricia Janikowski

One beautiful autumn day (oh, I was really lucky it wasn’t rainy :) I came to Poland. Ukraine is waiting for my arrival in 10 months, and now I can enjoy being in a wonderful country, working in such a cool school and meeting great people! I am actually an English teacher, but I am a student as well – I learn Polish. So, this year I will help pupils to learn English and hope that they will help me to learn Polish. I am 21 and I don’t believe in age, to be frank. I suppose that you are only as old as you feel. I have been living in Ukraine for all my life. However, I really like to travel and now I try to do it as much as I can. During my study at school I went to the musical school as well. I play piano and sing, so I would be happy to make something creative with pupils and discover their talents! I like arts, making photos and short movies, but, frankly speaking, I haven’t got Oscar yet. But maybe if we make a film together we will get it this year. After my school I entered the university and studied English language and literature. After hours spent with books of morphology, lexicology, Shakespeare, Hemingway and Fielding I graduated from the university and became a young philologist :) I enjoyed my university time – I tried to be active in all kinds of activities. I became a secretary of NGO and took part in many local and international exchanges and training courses, visiting Poland, Turkey, France and Germany. EVS is a new chapter in the book of my life and as a writer I have a lot of inspiration and ideas what to fill it with!

Kseniia Shendryk

It was a wonderful warm, sunny Saturday in the year 1989 when my story began. The World knew that my life would be great as the rays of the sun hit the pretty dresses my two older sisters wore when they came into the hospital to visit me and my mother after my birth. So my life started that day in the March of 1989. Fast forward five years, and that's when my real journey began. Until then, I was living in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest but then my family moved to Maryland, USA. Seeing as I was a child, and I couldn't take care of myself, I went with them. It was a 180 degree turnaround, totally different from my lifestyle I had been living until then. Up to that point, I hadn't learned any English, so I arrived with no knowledge of the language. It took me about six months to learn English in such a level that I was confident in my knowledge. Maryland was my home for two years, after which I stayed in Hungary for a year, while my father prepared our place in Orangebugh, New York. The years spent in America had a very strong influence on my character I have today. I am very open to other cultures, I love all kinds of sports, especially those popular in the United States of America. My favorite sports to watch (and play) are baseball, basketball, hockey and American Football. I've tried myself out in all these team sports, some professionally, some just as a hobby. I also played Lacrosse for a while. (see first edition of the school newspaper for more information on the sport) Currently I'm also interested in extreme sports, mastering the art of parcouring, as well as an enthusiastic hiker. America was definately a big part of my life. Adventure is in my nature and since then I have been to even more places, like Canada, England, well most of Europe actually. Most countries I've hitch-hiked to, but I only started to do that when I was 20 years old. My last trip was to Prauge through Cracow. The reason I came here once again is to Poland is to learn this magnificent language I have forgotten since my days at University. I encourage everyone to be a volunteer because it gives you lots of energy, you get to meet lots of people from other cultures and visit new places.

Endre Sziraki