Primary School No. 24 in Cracow

the name of Cracovian Fire Brigade

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Krakowska Straż Pożarna Primary School No.24 is quite big educational establishment (the number of pupils is more than 500). The pupils are 5-13 years old.The school willingly collaborates with many institutions and organises many charity actions. It is known for the involvement and openess to new initiatives. All the teachers promote students` confidence to try new challenges. This school year 2014/15 it is being involved in various educational projects and programms. It also promotes ecology and healthy active lifestyle taking part in numerous ecological projects. The school helps students developing their interests in extra classes and interest circles. This is reflected in a number of winners in all kinds of competitions.

All pupils are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential and in order to meet the needs of pupils requiring specialist assistance, the school offers the following classes: revalidation, correction and compensation, speech therapist classes and corrective exercises. There is a group of young volunteers that collaborate with the school.

The school attaches an importance to foreign languages. It organises a theatrical and linguistic competition for the primary schools in Cracow that is called "English in Action" (schools present performances in English). The school is Hosting Organisation for EVS volunteers. This school year it is taking part in the second project “Cooperate to create” . Three volunteers (from Romania, Belgium and Spain) are supporting the students and the staff in various and projects. The school offers didactic classes focusing on each pupil individually. It promotes continuity and coherence, allowing children to move smoothly between schools and phases of education and providing a great foundation for lifelong learning. The most important aim of the school is to enable each student to become: successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve their aims, confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives, responsible citizens of Poland as well of European society who are interested in discovering world.

The school is situated in the peaceful and quiet district of Nowy Bieżanów in Cracow. The school has well equipped classrooms for grades I-VI, two separate classrooms for pre-school classes with accessories, a library, an ITC room with an access to the Internet, a gym , a playground for the youngest kids, a sports field, a garden, a school canteen where pupils can have tasty lunches made in the school kitchen, day care room for grades 0-III. There is a separate room used by educationalist and school nurse room. The school is open from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. The school environment is nice. A team of 50 teachers makes the place safe and friendly. All learners and teachers know each other, the pupils are not anonymous. This has a positive impact on performance of the educational program. The parents are also supportive. In the district of Nowy Bieżanów the school cooperates with: the kindergartens, the police office and the fire brigade (Cracovian Fire Brigade is the patron of the school), the local newspaper and the local government called Rada Dzielnicy XII.