Primary School No. 24 in Cracow

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Erasmus + project at The Primary School no.24.

Erasmus +

Krakowska Straż Pożarna Primary School No.24 is quite big educational establishment (the number of pupils is more than 500. The pupils are 5-13 years old.The school willingly collaborates with many institutions and organises many charity actions. It is known for the involvement and openess to new initiatives. All the teachers promote students` confidence to try new challenges. This school year 2014/15 it is being involved in various educational projects and programms. It also promotes ecology and healthy active lifestyle taking part in numerous ecological projects. The school helps students developing their interests in extra classes and interest circles. This is reflected in a number of winners in all kinds of competiotions.

The European Development Plan of the institution – the main statements.

The project "The modern teacher in the modern school " was submited by The Primary School No. 24 in Cracow ( Szkoła Podstawowa nr 24 im. Krakowskiej Strazy Pozarnej). The project was accepted by National Agency in Warsaw in June 2014. It has started on 1st July 2014 and will finish on 30-th June 2016. The most important aim of the project is to extend European dimension of the institution by: introducing CLIL methodology to teaching a few school subjects (maths, nature, art, computers, P.E) by promoting foreign languages, by making new contacts with foreign teachers and the school managers, by introducing good European solution to the school.

The group of 11 teachers will take part in the project: they are ambitious, creative, young and in search of modern ideas and resolutions for the school. They will take part in various scholarships in the Great Britain such as CLIL Methodology, Building Learning Power, Bi-Component Junior, School Leadership. The teachers` aim: is to gain new experience about CLIL, to develop linguistic skills, to gain a wide knowledge about new creative methods, forms and techniques in teaching their subjects, to broaden horizons about European educational systems, to learn techniques to improve students`s motivation, to develop cultural consciousness. The solutions proposed in the project will lead to the development of the educational offer of the school and will raise the prestige of the institution.The project will last 24 months.